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Introducing The 80-20 Producer Coaching Program


If You Feel Stuck, Frustrated - Or Just Hungry For More  - The 80/20 Insurance Sales System Will Give You The Sales Tools You Need

  • Are you a producer or an agency principal who wants to produce more and wish you could fast-track your way to a Monster Book of your own? Imagine what a difference it would make if you had a proven, reliable system that will grow $100,000.00 (or more) new commission this year - and every year - from now on? Imagine what that would mean to your lifestyle, your family…your time off!

  • If you're an agency principal or sales manager who wants your producers to produce more - lots more…imagine how great it would be if your producers had a system that reliably turned them into Super Producers! No more "baby-sitting"…no more hand-holding…just flat-out market domination, agency growth, and massive books of business for everyone to enjoy!


The Most Comprehensive Sales Training Program … Written By A Producer For A Producer

There are many producer sales training programs out there. So why rely on the 80-20 Producer Coaching Program. The reason is is the only sales coaching program that identifies the real selling dynamics and challenges you face in the real world and gives you practice, field tested sales tools to be successful. I know what it is like to make sales calls, get rejection, be pressured by underwriters for new business, and compete against many other insurance producers are as hungry as I am.

I also know one other thing that most sales trainers do not know. I know what it is like to be forced to wait until the last minute for "quotes" from underwriters, only to find that the pricing will not get the sale. What I have learned the hard way is that the sale is made BEFORE the underwriter even quotes. It is not about price, and not about coverage. You have the markets, and you can usually reduce your price if afforded the opportunity... but so does your competition. IT IS ALL ABOUT COMPETITIVE DIFFERENTIATION. In short, convincing the prospect to buy from you above all other producer alternatives.

The 80/20 Producer Coaching Program was developed by a commercial lines producer with over 40 years of experience. It is not theory. It is not a gimmick. My system works because I learned the hard way how to get out of this DANGER ZONE and write commercial business irrespective of market conditions. I want to pass my years of experience and knowledge to you … and see you and your agency grow FAST.