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Our Satisfied Producers Say It Best

“Just a short note to thank you for continued advice and counsel over the last 9 months since your seminar. As I have said in the past, your seminar was the best I ever attended.  There's a lot of selling “systems” and techniques out there, but your process is by far the most thorough and honest method of working with larger commercial accounts.  I am amazed at how you “pull the curtain back” to expose many of the psychologies that are involved in the sales “dance,” and how to put the best strategies forward so I position myself to win.  It is uncanny how I can almost predict what a prospect will do next, and how I am prepared to respond appropriately! 

Bill, your material is real world stuff.  It doesn’t depend on memorizing what to say and when to say it, and it doesn’t play games with prospects.  What it does do is create a playing field where I have an unfair advantage over my competition by being myself, being honest, and delivering real results.  Results that matter to prospects in their hearts and minds.  The process puts respect, discipline, and integrity back in the game where it’s needed most and it’s helping me to make a difference for my clients, and in my bottom line.  Thank you!"

Gordon Coyle, President, The Coyle Insurance Agency, Inc

“Bill, to be honest, when I first bought your 80-20 sales system I was extremely skeptical. You see, I have invested thousands of dollars on all the other programs, not to mention countless hours I will never get back. But here I am, listening to your audio tapes and I wish I had discovered you a lot time ago. Your system is real world BS...just practical sales tools that I know will help get me back on track. I can’t thank you enough.”

Ron Pitcher, Pitcher Insurance Agency

“Bill, as you know, I have been in the insurance business for over 35 years. Like you, I have grown extremely tired of all the BS and effort required to get a sale these days. When we met all you talked about was my getting out of the “price game” and start focusing on what makes me and my agency unique. Being a military vet, I have to tell you that this was “tough love” and it initially upset me. But after thinking about I realized that you were right. So, I bought all your stuff initially on blind faith. I first read your ING book, then I listened to your tapes. Then I went to your seminar. I have to tell you that your approach to risk management selling is truly unique and has made a huge difference on my business and on me personally. I can’t thank you enough.”

Mark Kinsey, PKG Insurance

"Bill, your producer training program was incredibly valuable to my wife Nancy and me.  You showed us how to build a MILLION DOLLAR BOOK OF BUSINESS! The William C. Reynolds Method will undoubtedly help us land the $10,000 and up accounts that we want, as well as keep our existing ones. The planning, prospecting, POWER BREAK and SMOOTHIE concepts were explained so that any producer could understand and apply these concepts immediately. At the end of the conference it was truly an amazing site! None of the assembled brokers and agents from all over North America would leave the room. It was because, every time you spoke Bill, you kept giving us priceless gems of information on how to make big commissions - FAST. To every producer who works with a book of business, BEG, BORROW OR STEAL the small fee that it costs to register. You will learn more in 2.5 days that you will in 20 years of trial and error. I did."  

Bryan Yankou, Yankou Insurance, Toronto, Canada