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At Last, A Producer Sales System That Covers All Everything You Must Have To Succeed

The 80-20 Producer Coaching Program provides the most comprehensive sales system available anywhere. Each element of the system is loaded with invaluable tools needed to create a Monster Book of business.

  • How to management and leverage your most important resource - time;

  • How to create an individual sales plan based upon your unique interests and strengths;

  • How your prospect evaluates logically and emotionally everything you say (no, it is not the sales pitch);

  • The four (4) essential elements needed to establish and sustain a long-term business relationship;

  • Why every prospect makes their decision based on emotion and justifies their decision based on logic;

  • The three (3) critical zones in every sales engagement and why each must be successfully navigated to close the sale and go to the bank;

  • How to ask critical questions during each critical zone in every sales engagement;

  • The essential sales strategies to avoid unpaid consulting;

  • How to speak top management's language and upset other in the organization;

  • How to analyze a niche market and launch a sales plan to dominate;

  • How to develop a unique and powerful sales platform on services that will create massive differentiation;

  • How to market to niche industry associations;

  • How to establish your own unique brand in the eyes of your niche market;

  • How to effectively use the cheapest form of marketing - publicity;

  • How to blow your competition away using newsletters, blogs, special reports, seminars and webinars;

  • How to get high-quality referrals;

  • Proven methods for making cold calls, telemarketing calls, and direct mail marketing;

  • How to make a winning and lasting impression on the first appointment;

  • The ironclad rules you absolutely must follow in pre-qualifying every prospect;

  • How to use your knowledge and expertise to kill your competition early in the sales process (and not even quote);

  • How to professionally undermine your competition without firing a shot;

  • How to make the winning sales presentation, get the order, and go to the bank;

  • How to successfully respond to buyer's remorse and eliminate the competing agent's involvement forever.